Why global perspective?   In today’s world of 21st century learning, technology everywhere, instant access to almost anything, anyone, and anywhere, we need to understand each other’s perspective. Understanding, not just tolerating, is the first step towards decreasing conflict, whether that conflict is in the classroom, between peers, co-workers, siblings, communities, and even nations. 

During the 2016-17 school year, I had been a 5th grade teacher for five years and realized I had to bring more to my students than just academic curriculum; I had to bring them the world, so I started the Global Perspective Club, which quickly became known as the GPC.  Students ran the club; I was simply their advisor.  With a team of 20 5th-8th graders, we worked together to create elected positions and then set goals for the school year, and we met them!  We held two movie nights hosting showings for Girl Rising and He Named Me Malala to promote awareness for International Day of the Girl and the importance of education.  We held a read-a-thon and sold candy grams to raise funds for solar lights for students in South Sudan.  We created a cross-curricular water relay lesson teaming up with the physical education classes in all grades, K-8,to increase awareness of the importance of clean water for everyone in the world.  We collaborated with a youth group from the African Community Center (ACC) to increase conversation across a cultural divide.  This is just the beginning, and I can’t wait to see what these kids come up with next!

Every school and community needs global perspective, and you can be the one that gets it started.

For everything you need to start and maintain your very own GPC, simply contact me. These resources are free of charge; I only ask for three things from you:

  1. Register your group by emailing me at thegpcers@gmail.com or by calling 303.916.6081.
  2. Write a blog and include a picture for each event your GPC hosts, and email it to me at thegpcers@gmail.com
  3. You can use your school or community name alongside it, but keep the name GPC. For example: Littleton Academy GPC or LA GPC, or GPC.

If you are interested in a person to person consultation or hiring me as the GPC advisor for your school or community GPC, contact me for a personal pricing plan.


April Pishna
Head GPCer